Frequently Asked Questions

Is that a cat?

Yes, it is!

People ask this question out of surprise at seeing a cat in an unexpected place. At a quick glance, they probably assume a cat is a small dog until they get a better look. Also, Cupcake has a tendency to drape herself across my shoulder like a black and white fur stole, and when she does this, there aren’t a lot of identifying features to tell what kind of fur she is.

How often do you take her out?

At least once a week, usually on the weekend.

This always seemed like a strange question until I realized people wanted to understand the time commitment it takes to have a cat who goes places. I suggest at least a couple hours a week to be sure your cat remains accustomed to the routine of going out.

How do you get her to be so calm?

She is used to going out, so it’s easy for her to be calm because it’s a familiar situation.

I sometimes also assure people that Cupcake isn’t always that calm. She is just like any other young cat who wants to play and wrestle my other cats, run madly through the house, and do other typical cat things. She just doesn’t do them when we are out in public.

Did you have to start her early to get her to wear a harness?

Cupcake did start early, first wearing a harness at about 7 weeks old. That’s the easiest age to get a cat used to anything. But cats can learn to enjoy walking on a harness at any age, especially when they feel safe while they first learn it and associate it with positive things, like treats and fun.

Do you have questions not answered here?

If there’s something you are wondering and it isn’t answered here, just ask! We would love to hear from you.