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Visiting Mennello Museum of Art

Why do humans have to have all the fun at museums? They don’t! A lot of museums around the country feature cat-friendly outdoor sculpture gardens. From Seattle, Washington to Washington, DC, outdoor sculpture gardens are ready for your cat to visit.

In our home town, we have the sculpture garden at the Mennello Museum of American Art. Its Marilyn L. Mennello Sculpture Garden is so pet friendly, it includes a sculpture of a dog and cat right in front of the museum entrance.

 black and white tusxedo cat looks at dog and cat sculpture

We visited recently when the hot weather finally broke. As the rest of the country shivered under snow, we did what Floridians do and enjoyed the outdoors without having to drive in white stuff.

Cupcake was eager to stop for a snack on the museum front porch.

menello museum sign

The sculpture garden is a lovely spot with a pond beside it. We had the garden mostly to ourselves and enjoyed exploring it. Cupcake took great care to read the sign about the benefactor who founded the museum.

black and white tuxedo cat looks at sponsor list

Not only did we find the dog and cat statue at the museum entrance. There’s also a dog sculpture in the garden itself. It looks like the dog ate a really big bone!

black and white tuxedo cat and dog sculpture

Cupcake’s favorite sculpture included a bonus: it was interactive! Three lizards in the base of the sculpture by a local artist caught Cupcake’s attention.

black and white tuxedo cat explores sculpture

She took a very close look at the art-loving lizards, but she didn’t molest them. You should always be respectful of fellow art lovers visiting a museum when you do.

black and white tuxedo cat and sculpture

We were excited that the Menello Museum offers a pet membership and pet-friendly events throughout the year. Cupcake is now a member of the museum.

cupcake mennello membership card

Even more exciting, Cupcake is the first cat member of the museum. The museum hopes more cats will get out and explore the park with their humans.

You can see Cupcake representing cats in the sgallery of Mennello Museum pet members.


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