A Tip for Carrying Treats on Outings

Part of the secret to keeping Cupcake on an even keel when we are on outings is treats. They’re the way to her heart, but they’re also a way to reward her for being calm.

When unsettling or distracting things happen, treats are a great way to help keep her focused and positive. Her favorite trick, the fist bump, can be done anywhere, and it always earns her something tasty that gives her a positive association with the situation even when things might not be what a cat would otherwise consider ideal.

black and white tuxedo cat bumps paw to human fist

Most cat treats come in bags, which are nice because they have that distinctive rustling noise that your cat associates with treats.

I have found that the bags have their drawbacks, though. You have to have somewhere to carry them. I got into the habit of tucking the treats into the pocket of Cupcake’s carrier, and boy did I learn the hard way that was a bad idea! Waking up in the middle of the night wondering “What’s that noise?” turned into my discovering a very soggy cat carrier pocket from being drooled all over while determined cats worked at extracting the tasty goods inside.

My husband had a thinking-outside-the-box solution for carrying and storing treats: centrifuge tubes.

centrifuge tube with treats spilling out

Centrifuge tubes? Really, hear me out! These little tubes are made of food-safe plastic, and each can hold 50 ml (a little under 1/4 cup). They fit beautifully into the little end pockets of Cupcake’s favorite Gen7 carrier, and they are also conveniently pants-pocket-sized to use when you’re away from the carrier on an adventure.

Like any clever cat, it didn’t take Cupcake long to learn what was in those tubes. She knows them on sight, and she recognizes the sound of my unscrewing the lid. If we are in a noisy place and she gets distracted, I can tap the lid against the tube, and she immediately thinks, “Oh, yeah, treat time!”

black and white tuxedo cat eats treats spilling from centrifuge tube

What’s best about them is they’re ridiculously inexpensive. The current going price is 50 for about $13 on Amazon, so you can have a lifetime supply of tubes for treats, or you can use them for other things, like carrying your human treats when you are go adventuring together with your cat.

Happy traveling — and treating — together!

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