Finding Shade on the Go

Cupcake is a regular on the coffee shop patio on weekend mornings.This is the time when the sunlight angles in and strikes the patio directly. While we appreciate the sun on cold mornings, Cupcake can get warm in the heat. The dark fur of her back gets hot to the touch and she breathes faster as she starts to overheat. It’s a sure sign her stroller needs more shade.

The angle of the sun was low enough that her stroller canopy didn’t provide enough shade. One of our friends who has young grandchildren told me Cupcake could benefit from a stroller parasol. I didn’t know they existed!

I went to the local baby superstore to look for stroller parasols and learned that most of the ones sold are specific to the brand of stroller. Don’t go to the baby big box store for cat things. It gets awkward. When the saleslady at the baby place asked what brand my stroller was, I kind of froze and said, “Umm…Not one you carry here.” The baby superstore had an overwhelming variety of things, but not pet strollers.

So I learned I needed a universal stroller parasol. I found the Rucan stroller parasol on Rucan stroller parasol on Amazon that was half the price of the brand-specific ones for human baby strollers. It clamps onto one of the side tubes of a stroller, and you use a thumb screw to tighten it so it stays in place. A flexible section attached to the stroller allows you to position the parasol, which plugs into a receptacle on the end of the attached part. That sounds more complicated than it is. It’s super simple to use.

The expression on Cupcake’s face the first time I opened the parasol was priceless. I didn’t know her eyes opened that wide! But she was clearly more comfortable in its shade.

Cupcake curled right up to nap in her new shady spot in the stroller, and I knew this had been a good purchase. If I had to do it again, I would try to get a color that matched her stroller better instead of being shocking pink, though.

Cupcake appreciates the pink-tinted shade under her parasol, and she enjoys her outings more when she can escape the direct sunlight and still stay in her stroller while we visit with her friends.

FTC Disclosure: I purchased the Rucan stroller parasol and received no compensation for reviewing it. The manufacturer does not know I wrote this.

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