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Chanel is a Cat Going Places

black and white tuxedo cat on pet store floor

Chanel was born March 28, 2017 to a stray mom and the entire family (mom and 5 kittens) came to live with me in foster care.

litter of kittens

Chanel with her brothers and sisters. Chanel is the one giving her opinion. Photo courtesy Random Felines.

Three of the kittens went with me to Blog Paws in May 2017 and that is where Dior, now Cupcake, met her new mom.

Yep – Chanel and Cupcake are sisters.

Anyhow, the intention was for Chanel to go back to the adoption center for the rescue and find a forever home. However, she got sick with a VERY nasty ear infection and it took a while for her to get better. Once she was back on the adoption floor, I stopped to visit. She came right over, stood up with her front paws on my shoulders and bit my chin. It was all over.

black and white tuxedo kitten models witch hat costume

Photo courtesy Random Felines.

She took to wearing a harness and leash surprisingly well. If we go to the local Starbucks (weather permitting), she is all social and wanders the patio. However, take her into a store and she only likes to ride in a cart thank-you-very-much.

black and white tuxedo kitten looks at pet store fish

Photo courtesy Random Felines.

The ear infection did leave her with a permanent head tilt. She also seems to track sound and light differently now as well as having a few balance issues. Thus earning her a new nickname: Crash.

You can find us at Random Felines or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can search #Chanel or #CallMeCrash to find Chanel as well.

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