Chanel’s Stroller

If you read my previous article, you saw that there was some serious waffling about getting a stroller for Chanel. The major deciding factor was her safety. I needed to be able to take her places, have her able to ride (especially if it wasn’t a store with carts) and keep her in my sight.

I ended up getting the Gen7Pets Promenade Pets Stroller. I did some crowd sourcing and read lots of reviews. This one seemed safer and sturdier considering I plan to use it inside and outside.

black and white tuxedo cat sniffs stroller

Chanel is weird about new things, so I set it up and left it in the living room for a few days to give her a chance to check it out at her own pace. It took her about 3 days to get in on her own and then it was fine.

I took it out for a spin this weekend. Chanel travels in her carrier in the car. I got the stroller out of the back of the car and popped it up next to the passenger side door. Since she wears her harness in her carrier, I got her out of the carrier and put her in the stroller. There are 2 adjustable straps attached to the seat and I clipped one to her harness. I also kept her leash on just for my peace of mind. I zipped it shut and we went into the pet store.

black and white tuxedo cat inside zipped closed carrier

Once inside I opened the front to give her a chance to check everything out.

I honestly wasn’t sure how she would ride though I suspected she would be fine since she rides so well in carts at the stores. She seemed very comfortable right from the outset.

The stroller opens and closes fairly easily. I do wish it got a little flatter than it does, but it is still fairly compact.

While I think I personally have a ways to go getting over the word “stroller,” I do like the fact that she has safe transportation and I have a way to take her places. I’m hoping to keep taking her out to different stores in the next few weeks and then more places as the weather gets nicer here in Ohio. Plus we will be going to the BlogPaws conference in Kansas City in April.


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