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Chanel: Getting Out and About After a Break

Blog Paws was a few weeks ago and seems like yesterday and forever at the same time. Chanel was out and about at the conference enjoying her stroller and the attention. She even got out a couple of times to check out her surroundings. I am still surprised (and yet not sure why I am surprised) at just how well she did during the entire week.

black and white tuxedo cat in stroller

Now, if I had been smart, I would have taken her out of the house on some sort of trip the week right after we got home. However, due to weather and circumstances, that just didn’t happen. So it ended up being two weeks before I packed her up in a carrier and we headed off on an adventure.

Saturday the 5th was lovely….mid 70s here and slightly overcast. A great day to sit on the patio at our local Starbucks with a friend. Chanel was already in her carrier so rather than put her in her harness at the house, I just zipped her inside and headed out. I put her harness on in the car (never something I would recommend, but what can you do sometimes).

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. She did great. She checked out the patio a couple of times and charmed a few people that walked over to greet her. Otherwise she hung out in her carrier on the table and just watched the world go by. I have finally learned to read a few of her signs, so water was available for her as well. I didn’t realize until we were packing up to go home that we had been there for almost 4 hours.

black and white tuxedo cat hangs out in carrier outside coffee shop

I do know that being social and being able to be out in public is ALL about consistency. That consistency part is totally my responsibility. Thankfully Chanel is so laid back and forgiving that even a break in our routine of being out and about didn’t seem to faze her any and she was happy to see some adoring fans.


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